About Us

Enroute Networks, Inc. is a leading information technology services provider, solving the data-communications and security challenges of small to medium sized businesses for more than 10 years.


Enroute is based in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, and serves customers with headquarters throughout the southeast as well as in key locations across the United States and even internationally.


Company History


When his previous employer was acquired by a nationwide provider of network and telephony services, David Hampson saw that the level of service they were able to deliver to clients began to suffer. David capitalized on this opportunity to deliver superior customer service when he formed Enroute Networks in 2001.

The initial offering of an “umbrella” of network services has grown along with the customer base to include today’s comprehensive package of IP Telephony, Voice and Data Carrier Services, Network Infrastructure and Security, and Desktop and Server IT Outsourcing.

What hasn’t changed is the level of customer service. Enroute was created because of the need for better customer service and has held fast to that commitment, never losing a client due to poor performance. As a result, Enroute is recognized as the go-to partner by Cisco and many other equipment manufacturers when their customer asks for a long-term customer-service focused support plan.

It is not just extensive experience with both Internet and local network perimeter security that gives you protection as an Enroute client. Every member of staff, from support all the way up to our president, receives extensive Cisco, Microsoft and other product training including regular continuing education to maintain the valuable certifications that qualify us to install and support all of the products we provide.

Our Mission

Enroute Networks has always made certain our vision is centered on customer service. Enroute believes customer service encompasses the entire two-way partnership between businesses. This includes preliminary consultation and education, understanding specific business needs, designing and implementing cost effective business-wise solutions to meet those needs, and having the ability to deliver unmatched continuing support of that solution.

The Meaning of Enroute
The word "enroute" is a term often used in aviation to define the portion of a flight between departure and approach.....the smoothest part of a flight once direction and altitude are established. Enroute, the company, has several pilots "on-board" (including Mr. Hampson) and recently owned a Cessna 182 used to quickly visit customers' remote sites.






David Hampson

Founder / CEO


Cliff Aycock

Senior Systems Manager 



Ryan Brohm

Senior Technical Architect


Ryan Herzig

Director of Operations 



Juma Pope

Network Engineer - Team Lead


Jane Poole