Network Security & Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure


Routing, switching and firewalls are foreign technologies to most business people but at Enroute we built our reputation and business working on the plumbing that connects servers, desktops and remote offices.

Networks designed and built using Cisco equipment may be complex but they are very robust. We support many Cisco devices that have been operating continually for more than two years without ever rebooting. As a small business owner, you need reliable business resources built on the backbone of a solid network infrastructure.


Enroute has almost 100 years of collective experience installing, upgrading and supporting business networks.

Enroute has tested many manufacturers’ products and has chosen to be a VAR for the most reliable and cost effective hardware and software vendors. Let Enroute chose the best solution for your business’ needs including Cisco Systems’ network infrastructure solutions, including routers, firewalls, VPN hardware, wireless networks, and other security devices; Barracuda Networks’ anti-spam and email archiving solutions; and web filtering appliances from EdgeWave. Our expertise coupled with the products we provide give your business the most comprehensive and secure solution for your environment.

Clearly, there are a lot of complex parts in every network solution, and it isn’t enough just to buy the most reliable hardware and software applications. Businesses trust Enroute to install the hardware and continue to manage their networks. Enroute is simply the best at this model.


Reliable Infrastructure Solutions

Enroute offers a variety of IT networking products that meet the most common needs of today's small business for such critical areas as routing, switching and security. Below are a few of the manufacturers we represent:

Once installed, our comprehensive monitoring and support services “ensure” maximum uptime. We accomplish this with network engineers using advanced systems management tools in our Network Operations Center (NOC) to monitor the activity and stability of your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Secure Network Environments

Firewalls control authorized and unauthorized traffic in and out of networks. Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS) devices send alerts when attacks occur against a network. Each provides a layer of security. Still, the most important item in a successful network security solution is the expertise required to configure and monitor the operational efficiency of installed equipment, ensuring that it always supports the customer’s unique business requirements.

Enroute has tested and proudly installs and supports only enterprise-class products to protect your network.


Enroute partners with top-rated security vendors

Free 30-Day Evaluation

We’re so confident of the systems we recommend, Enroute offers a free 30-day evaluation (try and buy) on select products. If it doesn't pass YOUR test, just send it back.