V&D Overview



Now more than ever, today’s businesses need scalable, fast, secure and reliable Internet, data and voice communications and connectivity. But with all of the emerging technologies and confusing options to choose from, it can difficult to understand and select the right solution for your growing business.

At Enroute, we specialize in the integration of new carrier services into existing infrastructures. Not only are we committed to reducing your current monthly outlay, we’ll work with you to help identify what services are best for the way you do business and then work to deliver those services in the most cost-effective way possible.

As full-service providers, we go far beyond the business of just providing utilities services and deliver the hardware, switches and handsets to make sure you have a seamless experience.

Here are a few examples of the carriers that we represent:

In addition to meeting our goal of providing secure voice and data-communications in the most cost-effective way possible, we can also provide support and management of those networks from our Network Operations Center (NOC).

Program Features Ensure Ensure PLUS Ensure PRO
Bugs/Fixes, OS/IOS Resolution Upgrades
Trouble Management
Reactive Troubleshooting
IOS, CUE (UC) Configuration Backup
Server Based (UC/WAAS) Config Backups
Basic Configuration Assistance
Data/Voice Circuit Troubleshooting
IOS/OS Software Availability (no install)
Hardware Failure Replacement
Manage System Licenses/Subscripts
Preferred Response  
MACS (Moves, adds or changes)  
OS/IOS Feature/Function Upgrades  
On-Site As-needed Support  
New Application Tayoring (WAAS)  
Performance Optimization    
Priority Response    
Monitor/Response for resources/outages    
Graphic Resource Utilization and History    

Reliable communications services will save your business time and money. Contact Enroute and see what we can do for you.